Mature your programming experience through 6 Weeks Industrial Training.

If you are a fresher and look forward to start your career in the field of programming or development, then join the 6 Weeks Industrial Training courses to pass the Technical interview round of the IT companies.


Career opportunity

This Industrial Training will provide you to work with live projects which will increase your experience in the field of programming or development of various Windows based applications or projects or web based applications. You can learn here various tricks to clear all errors during coding and can mention the project name in your CV.

You can clarify your fundamental doubts here and can have confidence to work with various components of a live project. After completion of 6 Weeks Industrial Training course, your CV won’t be considered as a fresher CV.

During coding for a live project, you may face new types of errors and there will be your senior team leader or instructor to help you out from all difficulties. So you will be able to learn how to handle all errors after compilation of programming package.

Best supporting courses for Fresher

It can be said as the best guide course for the fresher or trainee employees of a company. When the trainee employees are working with IT companies in the software application of DOTNET, JAVA, PHP and MYSQL, they may face several difficulties during working on coding. If they will join in 6 Weeks Industrial Training, then they will get appropriate tips or helps from an instructor or trainer.

Suppose, you have got an assignment to work with Word Press CMS and MYSQL to develop an e-commerce site in existing company but you have lack of experience to complete the assignment. Then you can take help of your PHP or Word Press trainer to finish your current assignment in your current company which will keep your weakness secret and keep your position stable in company. You may also get promotional achievement or appraisal of your timely performance.

Helps in getting opportunity in better prospective companies

If you are looking for a change in position in the same company or change of job to a new company, then you need to refresh your technical knowledge for passing a Technical interview in new company. Here, 6 Weeks Industrial Training will enhance your Technical knowledge to get a better position in the new company with better opportunities.

Hike your Salary Package

After completion of 6 Weeks Industrial Training course, you will be able to hike your salary by performing better in your job. This industrial training will bring a bigger change in the life of a working professional or fresher.

SSDN Technologies, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, Ahmadabad, India provides 6 Weeks Industrial Training on PHP, Word Press, DOTNET, JAVA and MYSQL, Ethical Hacking course, Linux, VMWare Networking courses with result oriented promotion of working professionals and fresher student. You will fulfill your all dreams here. Join today with SSDN Technologies to move your career up to the next level with greater confidence and earn more from your career.

6 Weeks Summer Training In Delhi Gurgaon

SSDN Technologies which is one of the leading training center and a well-re knowned training centre of Delhi/NCR region ,offers the 6 Weeks Summer Training opportunity for Engineering & Master of Computer Applications (MCA) students with Live Project Summer training and internship in Delhi & Gurgaon. In a tough competitive and highly volatile job market now a days, everyone must utilize their summer vacations and move their steps close to the SSDN Technologies, as it is the perfect 6 weeks summer training institute everyone is looking for. Well qualified faculty trains here with projects which makes it a perfect institute.

ssdnSummer training has always played a significant role in the career of  under graduate or graduate students. This six week summer training is mandatory to bridge the gap between the industry and academic knowledge. Students will come to know the requirement of technical implementation for the professional career during this training session.Under the guidance of project managers, SSDN Technologies will introduce with a team of experts in software development. After the core and advance knowledge provided by experts on language and database,the good qualified staff takes over the class room training as well as project work.

Students are being trained here with specific sessions during the 6 weeks training program for personality development in order to achieve the perfection from appearance and knowledge which becomes the key in cracking the toughest and rigorous interviews.

For live project experience and summer training during the summer break there are various training programs available and here we have the list of technologies for 6 weeks training programs .

  • Java Training Program
  • C & C++ Training Program
  • PHP Training Program
  • Android Training Program
  • MCITP/MCSA Training Program
  • Dot Net Training Program

In order to to boost up one’s career and knowledge with SSDN Technologies students are cordially welcomed to come and join the 6 weeks internship in Delhi Gurgaon , along with 6 weeks Summer training program is also offered.

For Engineering and other related courses,one can join SSDN with summer training program as well as last semester project training . One will get prepared for leading vendor certification with this 6 weeks summer training that takes to the high level of knowledge, which is captured with industry experts . The training centre has a collaboration with leading IT giants like RED HAT , JAVA & ORACLE and MICROSOFT which provides full support with necessary inputs for IT education and knowledge.

Linux Server-Training And Certification

A Linux Server is a highly engineered variant of the Linux open source OS (operating system) which is designed to handle the much demanding needs in business based applications such as database administration, Web Services and network and system administration.

linLinux Certification Training, In this Servers are frequently preferred over the other server operating systems due to security and flexibility benefits. Most commonly used Linux server operating system includes Ubuntu Server, Slackware,Debian , Gentoo and CentOS.

Ubuntu is the most widely used Linux server operating system among the Linux variants. The best part of Ubuntu is that it is part of the Free Open Source Software initiative across the web where all the source code is free for public access and modification, due to which it has helped in the development of free and fully open source software thus making Linux the best OS(operating system) in the world due to its ease of use and security features. Linux runs on almost all devices like Personal Computers, mobile phones and even Smart TVs.Most popular and widely used Google’s Android operating system is also developed from the Linux kernel.

 A Linux Server Administrator(Admin) must know how to :-

  • Effectively install, deploy and update Ubuntu Linux Server.
  • Configuration of Ubuntu Linux server to operate as a Web server, Mail Server, Samba Server,FTP( File Transfer Protocol) server and a file-printer Manager.
  • CMD (command–line) knowledge of Linux shell features.
  • Remotely managing an Ubuntu Linux Server through its web services management features.

At SSDN Technologies Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Course guides people who want to administer the Linux System commonly known as Linux/System Admins. Linux administrator , ensures smoother operation and monitoring of Linux environment and its use. This certification enhances one’s knowledge and skill in areas of system administration. One can learn deploying of scenarios common across multiple range of environments. The skill set required is the basic foundation stone for a system administrator across all Red Hat products.

After the completion of Linux Server Administrator Certificate program one will be able to:

  • Install and manage Ubuntu server
  • Configure various network infrastructure enabled services
  • Perform necessary File Management System and Linux system administration tasks
  • Work with GNOME terminal and shell structure
  • Configure Linux server for security
  • Installation of Apache features
  • Know ‘APT’ package system
  • Using an Ubuntu server as file and print server

Join SSDN and stand out from the crowd

In today’s fast growing world of competition, it is very important for a person to be armed with some skills and techniques that help them to stand out from the rest of the crowd and with the world becoming virtually advanced, it is best to have basic skills and knowledge in fields like Java, PHP and other core technical aspects.

333The most sought after software in the technical world today is the Citrix Xenmobile certification training India. A Citrix server is an advanced software of Microsoft terminal that enables the software to develop and deliver all windows applications to other PCS including Apple and X terminals.

SSDN Technologies has been successful in establishing its name as the best Citrix Xenmobile training company that have been efficacious in imparting expert knowledge in such technical software’s that are gaining lot of importance in the present industry. An extension of Citrix Xenmobile is the Citrix XenApp which is most demanded today. It basically enables the user to extend the Microsoft remote desktop – known as the terminal server to other desktop servers and applications. While opting for a Citrix Xenmobile training India, make sure that you are being covered these topics as well so that you are exposed to a complete package of the software.

Observing the growing demand in this sector and its need in the corporate world, there are various companies that have come up with the Citrix Xenmobile corporate training India. But the most recommended and sought after training institute in this sector is SSDN Technologies. They are number one in not only imparting Citrix knowledge to individuals who enroll in their institute but also take several training sessions for the corporates who strive at training their employees in this field to gain an edge over their competitors.
To know more about this company, you can simply log on to the company’s official website over the web.

Grab immense opportunities with Citrix Xenmobile Training from SSDN Technologies

Why Citrix Xenmobile Training?
With the increasing era of mobiles and various applications on it, running an enterprise has become a boon and easy in a way. Citrix XenMobile training and certification courses have given an extended path to the aspiring students as well as professionals of the corporate to put their foot into the door of immense opportunities. With this training, one can acquire expertise in the following:
1. Expertise of applying principles to enroll mobile devices.
2. Complete knowledge of installing mobile applications.
3. Know-how of all the policies to manage devices.
4. Ways of trouble shooting the most common implementation issues.

Why counseling required?
To enhance the opportunities and prospects of the job, the candidates need an authentic certification and training course that will help them to shine among the crowd. Best institutes of the industry like SSDN Technologies are there to provide them with all the support and guidance. The well trained and experienced trainer with SSDN Technologies inculcate the necessary skills for the installation of mobile applications.

What we provide?
SSDN Technologies, the Citrix Authorised learning centre is a famed name in the sector  with its branches at Gurgaon, Delhi Ncr in India. Furnished lab structure and customized course material and duration of course are the distinguishing features of the institute. Along with the training material, SSDN also offers prosperous hands-on practical experience during the tenure of the training.

Master the Citrix XenApp Certification Course from SSDN Technologies

What is Citrix XenApp

Citrix XenApp is the industry’s leading quick fix for indispensable delivery of applications to the users on any devices anywhere by centralizing authority of control with the single server. Citrix Xenapp is assumed to be the product that extends terminal services of Microsoft giving the practitioners privilege of flexibility while providing them with the increased security and reduced IT costs. It also provided the mobility to the users such that they can access the applications from anywhere and from any non-windows server clients.

Who provides training and certification courses?

Citrix XenApp is in demand these days as it accommodates a wonderful solution to the business entities with full on advantage over cost, security, production, and productivity. With Citrex XenApp, one can ensure a centralized protected management system embedded with monitoring and automation tools thus enabling fast acknowledgment to the needs of the user and the business. The increasing urge for training and certification courses are all fulfilled by SSDN Technologies, Citrix Authorised learning centre located in Gurgaon, Delhi Ncr, India.images44

How SSDN fulfils your need?

SSDN, leading institute, excels in imparting certification and training courses to the candidates which range from scratch level to advance level. It is well equipped with expert trainer with SSDN Technologies and framework that boost the confidence of the IT professionals or future corporate personnel.

An Epoch of Rapidly Evolving Dot Net Training

Dot Net is an extensive framework of software, brainchild of Microsoft and runs principally on Microsoft. Dot Net has brought a revolutionary change in the IT industry in last many years. It has provided a very flawless and secured solution to communication industry. The USP of this stunning software is that each one of the machine languages can adopt coding of other languages.

Microsoft dot net

Dot Net technology along with Internet services has created a complete collaborated communication channel for the business environment. Even after so many assorted years and the era of rapidly evolving IT industry, a lot of web applications are still made in three disciplines using Visual studio, C# and .Net.

Looking at the glorious past of Dot Net, we can say that future of Dot Net can never go bleak and one can think of making it as a career by pursuing certification and training courses by the esteemed institute like SSDN Technologies located in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR in India. The professional trainer with SSDN Technologies, the Microsoft learning partner aims at imparting knowledge on entire dot net Framework and OOPS concepts as well as preparing them for facing the varied challenges of the corporate world.